Mammotome revolve is the first breast biopsy device to offer clinicians touchless tissue and to reduce procedure time by eliminating the step of scraping tissue from a basket. Combined with Mammotome CoreVision, specimen radiography system, procedure time is reduced to less than two minutes, improving workflow and getting your patient off the table faster.

benefits & features

Save Time with Touchless Tissue

The tissue samples are collected in numbered trays immediately ready for imaging. There is no need to scrape cores from a collection basket. The cartridge trays can be flattened and imaged to easily locate calcifications.

SteadyVAC for Continuous & Low Level Vacuum

Minimize Hematomas

SteadyVAC applies a continuous and low level vacuum to keep the biopsy cavity, probe and tubing clear, in order to minimize clogging and hematoma at the biopsy site.

Two Separate Vacuum Lines

Comfort Patients with Undiluted Fluid Delivery

Mammotome revolve is the only breast biopsy device that has two separate vacuum lines. Therefore, when you need to deliver on-board fluids to your patient, you can be confident it is not diluted with saline…. which means more patient relief.

On-Demand Variable Aperture

Access Challenging Lesions Efficiently

The on-demand variable aperture allows the clinician to confidently access and acquire challenging lesions. The flexible aperture design reduces the number of product codes needed and minimizes the pre-biopsy planning time.

Mammotome revolve Adjustable Vacuum Level

Tailor the Biopsy with Adjustable Vacuum

Modify the vacuum level to quickly adjust the device for challenging clinical situations. Whether it is to decrease the vacuum to accommodate the location of the lesion or to increase the vacuum to adjust for breast density, the entire procedure can be customized for each patient.

Mammotome revolve Dual Vacuum System

Provide Pathology with Better Samples

Mammotome is the only company to offer a dual vacuum system. The strong DualVac technology continually holds and secures tissue within the aperture resulting in larger, contiguous cores. Acquiring unfragmented tissue samples allows you to deliver a more complete picture to pathology.

Mammotome revolve ST Customer Testimonial

“Because of Mammotome revolve, the cores no longer appear like ground up tissue.” Breast Center Administrator - Non Profit Healthcare System TechValidate

Mammotome revolve ST: Physician, Technologist and Patient Benefits

“We use the Affirm upright biopsy system frequently. The revolve has decreased the time the patient is in compression therefore patients are more comfortable. The ability to biopsy challenging cases with the variable aperture, get high quality cores in the collection chambers with less tissue handling, easy X-ray confirmation, and transport to pathology has improved the overall biopsy experience for the physician, technologists and patient.” Kimberly C. Hutcherson, M.D., Medical Director, North Metropolitan Radiology Associates, LLP/Gwinnett Medical Center TechValidate

Mammotome revolve Improves Workflow

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