Mammotome has four distinct breast biopsy marker families each offering unique advantages for doctors and their patients. Part of the Mammotome breast biopsy marker portfolio, MammoMARK & CorMARK’s rapid collagen expansion anchors the marker in place for unsurpassed placement accuracy.

benefits & features

MammoMARK Expands Rapidly

Expands Rapidly

The size increases by 300% within 60 seconds, reducing the likelihood of movement when releasing breast compression.

MammoMARK Ultrasound Visibility

Provides Clear Ultrasound Visibility

Increased surface area provides ease of Ultrasound visibility at time of deployment.

MammoMARK Absorbs Fluid

Absorbs Fluid

MammoMARK & CorMARK assist in fluid management by quickly absorbing surrounding fluid.

MammoMARK Distinct Shapes

Track Multiple Sites with Multiple Shapes

MammoMARK offers three distinct titanium shapes for better tracking of multiple biopsy sites.