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"I chose to use the 8G Mammotome® ST because it is a fast and efficient tool for complete or partial removal of imaged evidence of the lesion. In addition, the size and integrity of the 8G samples offer simple and immediate confirmation that I am sampling the correct area in question." -Terri-Ann Gizienski, M.D.

The Mammotome® Biopsy System education continuum

Mammotome offers a continuum of education, from basic skills training to advanced procedural techniques as well as support of Physician & Technologist Accredited Training (ACCME, ASRT) & Imaging, Correlation & Interventional Training.

Educational offerings:

  • Training Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Focused training at Mammotome Center of Excellence sites nationwide
  • Focused imaging training at Strategic Partners' facilities
  • Regional & National Programs featuring world renown
  • Web-based Virtual Skills Training
  • Technologist and Physician Training - at your facility
  • Our highly-trained Breast Care Specialists will educate you and your staff on procedure set-up and operation of the Mammotome® Biopsy System under multiple modalities
  • Imaging & Intervention Training on stereotactic, ultrasound, MR and molecular imaging procedures

Mammotome trains over 2,000 clinicians a year. That's commitment!