Mammotome | Advancing Breast Biopsy Technology

The Mammotome® Biopsy System education continuum

Mammotome offers a continuum of education, from basic skills training to advanced procedural techniques as well as support of Physician & Technologist Accredited Training (ACCME, ASRT) & Imaging, Correlation & Interventional Training.

Educational offerings:

  • Training Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Focused training at Mammotome Center of Excellence sites nationwide
  • Focused imaging training at Strategic Partners' facilities
  • Regional & National Programs featuring world renown
  • Web-based Virtual Skills Training
  • Technologist and Physician Training - at your facility
  • Our highly-trained Breast Care Specialists will educate you and your staff on procedure set-up and operation of the Mammotome® Biopsy System under multiple modalities
  • Imaging & Intervention Training on stereotactic, ultrasound, MR and molecular imaging procedures

Mammotome trains over 2,000 clinicians a year. That's commitment!