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"I chose to use the 8G Mammotome® ST because it is a fast and efficient tool for complete or partial removal of imaged evidence of the lesion. In addition, the size and integrity of the 8G samples offer simple and immediate confirmation that I am sampling the correct area in question." -Terri-Ann Gizienski, M.D.

Mammotome® Biopsy System products

This is the point of innovation

The point of everything we do goes way beyond the performance of our products. It’s about what our products can provide: help in reaching the proper diagnosis and treatment for patients.

So far, more than 4 million women worldwide have had a stereotactic, ultrasound or MRI-guided minimally invasive breast biopsy using the Mammotome® Biopsy System.

  • The proven Mammotome® Biopsy System
  • Upgradeable – 3 modalities
  • Easy access to deep lesions
  • Optimal access to chest wall lesions
  • Multiple probes and accessories to ensure maximum access

Confidence and accuracy

The Mammotome® Biopsy System is a complete system for breast disease diagnostic sampling and management. It has been helping physicians to accurately diagnose breast cancer since 1995.

The Mammotome® Biopsy System offers physicians a wide range of proven options and innovative diagnostic tools that improve lesion access and mark the site post-biopsy:

Mammotome® Biopsy System Control Module with SmartVac®
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