Mammotome | Advancing Breast Biopsy Technology
"I chose to use the 8G Mammotome® ST because it is a fast and efficient tool for complete or partial removal of imaged evidence of the lesion. In addition, the size and integrity of the 8G samples offer simple and immediate confirmation that I am sampling the correct area in question." -Terri-Ann Gizienski, M.D.

How Mammotome products are applicable to your practice.

The Mammotome® Biopsy System is clinically the most well acclaimed vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device. The key clinical proof is from the 4 million patients who have undergone the procedure in the last 10 years. More than 200 clinical articles have been published related to the clinical efficacy of the Mammotome® Biopsy System.

We have provided clinical resources in the form of clinical literature references and case studies to substantiate the benefits of the Mammotome® Biopsy System.