Mammotome | Advancing Breast Biopsy Technology

TUNE IN – October 2nd and 9th at 7am EST

Guest expert, Dr. Kimberly Hutcherson will appear on The Balancing Act, a premier women’s morning show, highlighting how Mammotome’s newest technologies help advance and improve the critical process of breast biopsy in the battle against breast cancer!

CLICK HERE for a “sneak-peak” of what you can expect to see on the episode. Stay tuned for more details surrounding this exciting "Mammotome Feature Presentation".


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News of a breast biopsy raises many emotions and concerns. We understand. But it's important to remember that 80% of breast biopsies do not turn out to be breast cancer. It's also important to know that you have options when selecting a biopsy procedure. This site is dedicated to evaluating your choices to help you talk with your doctor about the breast biopsy procedure that is right for you. One choice for a minimally invasive breast biopsy for breast cancer diagnosis is the Mammotome® Biopsy System.

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