Mammotome | Advancing Breast Biopsy Technology

Biopsy Site Identifiers – for predictable placement and rapid expansion

Since introducing the first vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system, the Mammotome name has become known globally for market leading breast biopsy products that are trusted for accuracy and reliability.

That heritage continues with Mammotome’s full line of tissue markers that identifies biopsy sites and provides you with the permanent landmark you need for follow-up observations.

Exclusive marker technology

Mammotome is the only company to offer a family of marker systems that features a single, self-expanding collagen plug embedded with a titanium clip for use with vacuum-assisted and core needle biopsy procedures. Visible under multiple modalities to radiographically mark the biopsy site,

Mammotome markers are:

  • Visible under X-ray, Ultrasound, and MRI environments.
  • Provided in multiple shapes for multi-site biopsies.
  • Designed to enable accurate placement and positioning, unlike other conventional biopsy site identifiers that can shift after compression is released.
  • Radiopaque and MRI-safe titanium clip remains centrally located in biopsy site after collagen resorbs.
  • Collagen rapidly expands up to 300% within 60 seconds to fill the biopsy cavity.

+ MammoStar Biopsy Site Identifiers – an organic alternative

+ CorMARK Biopsy Site Identifiers – for core needle biopsy

+ MammoMARK Biopsy Site Identifiers

+ MicroMARK® Biopsy Site Identifiers